Local Links

Local Links:

A morning or an afternoon at the St. George Village Botanical Garden
Just off the Queen Mary Highway (Route 70) 2 miles east of Frederiksted includes over 1500 native and exotic botanical species.

Try a morning at the Cruzan Rum Distillery, which has been producing rum for more than 300 years

St. Croix Buck Island Reef is something everyone keeps telling us we MUST do (we’re going to do this over spring break). You can go with several different outfitters but we’ve heard good things about Big Beard

Kayak on Salt River Bay with Caribbean Adventure Tours. It is approximately 2 ½ hours of kayaking (not strenuous—just lots of interesting places, information, and things)

Cane Bay Beach – just a few minutes away from The Cottage. Turn left out of the drive and then at the corner which points to Salt River Bay—head on down the road. Probably a 15 minute drive. There’s a nice restaurant across the street.

Tamarind Reef Beach and The Deep End Café is worth a day. If you walk out on the point toward where you can rent equipment, you may run into some really funky looking iguana. I’d never seen any that weren’t in a cage. They don’t bother you and they are really interesting.

Here is a website for beaches. You may want to review this before you go:

If you like history, check this out:

If you want to know about local events and businesses, check out the local chamber.